Friday, April 5, 2013

The Beginning

I have wanted to serve a mission for a long time now. With President Monson's announcement  during October 2012's General Conference about the mission age requirement being lowered, it meant I could go a year and a half earlier then I originally thought. I got started right away with the preparations and on January 9th 2013 I received my much awaited big white envelope! Its contents? MY MISSION CALL! Friends and family gathered both in person and via Skype video chat to find out where I was to serve and when I'd leave.  I opened the letter and began reading. Shaking and crying was all included in big doses I might add haha. 
The weeks leading up to this moment I had had the strongest feeling that I was going to go to either Alberta or Temple Square so what I read took me by surprise! I have been called to the Michigan, Detroit Mission and I am so report the Provo, Utah MTC (Missionary Training Center) on June 5th 2013 I am beyond excited! And naturally, nervous! While I serve I want others to take this adventure with me! So I hope you enjoy my mission blog. My amazing sister Megann will be taking over after I leave in June for the MTC 

Have to start cheering for Red Wings,
Canucks forgive me please?                                      

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