Sunday, April 7, 2013


Preparing for a mission may seem like it takes a lot of work but is so rewarding.
Some things that I have been doing to prepare:

  • Reading and studying Preach My Gospel (PMG) 
  • Applying the things I learn in PMG to my everyday life
  • Reading the scriptures everyday and discussing what I read with friends/family
  • Striving to pay attention and participate in Sunday School and Institute. It gets easier I promise! 
  • Writing my missionary friends and getting their guidance and advice
  • Talking with Return Missionaries and getting their advice
  • Reading many many many sister missionary blogs♥ 
  • Writing in my journal 
  • Looking for missionary opportunities every day
  • Reading "Sisters: A Modern Girls Guide to Serving a Mission
  • Watching The District videos- they are seriously amazing!! 
  • Going out with the Sister Missionaries in my ward- totally awesome girls!
  • Being Christ-like to those I meet 

There are a number of things that I want to talk more about in regards to preparing so I will make a few blog posts about those later! 

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