Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Missionaries are amazing♥

I love missionaries! More recently my love for these amazing guys and girls has increased. Partly because I have realized that missionaries are my age! Its crazy to think that I could have grown up with these kids and been great friends with them. Makes me think of and miss my own friends who are serving missions right now. And partly because I have learned so much from them! I leave for the MTC before I get the chance to take a Mission Prep class at institute so the awesome sisters and elders from my ward have taken me under their wing and have been great at giving me lots of tips and advice and helping me prepare! I totally love these kids! :) I am so thankful for all their examples and I've been so blessed from meeting them! I hope that I can be as amazing as they are as a missionary! ♥

Sister Byam and Sister Thayer

Elder Smith and Elder Lindemann

Elder Watson and Elder Caten

Sister Carroll and Sister Byam

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